Models & Hostesses

Models and Hostesses:

Holding up an event? Deciding for a grand ball? With these big occasions, you will need the glamour of professional models and hostesses to lighten up your guests. That is what we are here for. Each event requires different types of a welcoming and friendly smiling face. With that, E&B are keen to provide you with the best of it all. Basically we provide you with models if you have any show and hostesses to welcome and assist guests. You simply have to tell us how many guests you will have so we can select which among our exceptionally chosen team can work with you.

The success of your party depends on the people whom you employ to make it a success. We can have it happen for you. We do not settle for second best as we want our hostesses and models to be a part of your event’s success. We trained them well, though most of them already have the innate finesse and talent in hosting and assisting guests. We are proud of the following characteristics among our team:


Each of our hosts and models are aware of the proper greetings and they can direct it to your specific guests or to everyone.

Dress Code

They know how to prepare and wrap themselves according to the occasion. We make sure they do not go under nor overdressed.

Frontline Behaviors

They are trained of the correct etiquette to be observed when in parties, special celebrations, and big events where VIPs are usually present.

Paging Manners

Our team knows how to speak well when asked to page in a paging system or when asked to speak in the microphone in front of the party public.

Opening and Closing Duties

We make sure our team starts as expected and retire after all the processes necessary in every party have been taken care of.

We know how your party means to you and we promise you one thing – quality hosting and modeling services. We aim to exceed expectations and we have been doing the same ever since we started business. When we change, it’s always for the better.  We live to what you are paying for as we believe when we do good you will give us more business and you will tell your friends and your friends’ friends about how well we do our job and how likely their party will become a success, just like yours.